Practice Log #37

Very productive day.

The theme of the first half of the day was gathering carbine data on suppressor shift at various ranges. Data noted and recorded.

The day was however started with a cold run of Defoor carbine hat qualification. 100y, 10 rounds, standing to prone, 14 sec or less, onto a B-8 repair center, score 90 or better.

I smoked it with a 99 and met the par time w/ standard 55gr XM193, nothing fancy.

From here I gathered the needed data on suppressor shift…

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Practice Log #36

Wore out the new hillbilly plate rack.

A couple of notes:

1. I remember why I stopped appendix carrying when doing this type of training. Guns get hot. I did all work from junk carry and 2/3 of the way in I could no longer re-holster the pistol.

2. Fun.

3. I need much more work on target transitions, particularly at speed.

I ran basically draw to clear the rack @ 10y most of the session. I also worked some draw shoot 2, reload, shoot 2, reload, shoot 2.
I did the same drills at 15y.

I then did the same shoot 6 from 25y, except by this time I was only able to use a ready position instead of starting from the draw.

I burned approximately 350-400 rounds.

Practice Log #35

2 weeks ago, we had a 2 day training event. Saw some old friends and did some good work.

Last weekend, cranked up the handgun practice again.

Started cold @ 25y, scored an 89 on B-8. I’ll take it.

Set up some steel and ran tons of Bill drills from distance, Blake drills. Both @ 10-15 yard ranges. Most of the rest of the work was transitions on the move, Proctors Scooter Exercise and running the plate rack. Best feeling practice session in a while.

Practice Log 34

Since the last update, we have had 2 practice sessions, both rifle and pistol. Exact details have been forgotten and they were not logged.

Weekend of 29/30MAR we attended a back to back TACMED/Close Quarter Pistol class and 2 man CQB / Shoot house class. This was my second time attending the BRM / ATP medical/pistol class. The shoot house course was a 2 man version of a similar course we did this time of year, last year. Great course and culminated in force on force.

AAR’s will be forthcoming when time permits.


Practice Log 33

Started out cold with 4 – 25y 5 round groups onto B-8’s. Again focusing on accuracy. All were in the mid to upper 80s.

I then ran some strong hand only and weak hand only TPC 50/50 drills onto Ron Avery’s (R.I.P.) Triggerstripe target. I put about 30-40 rounds down on this exercise.

I then set up some steel and worked 3:10 to Yuma for 8-10 runs. This is a really great target transition exercise and running the gun at speed.

I then ran a modified version of Frank Proctors “Journey.” I was not getting clean runs on the shooting on the move part after several runs, and then I started to micro drill the exercise. Working draw to first shot at 15 and moving around an obstacle and only putting 1 round per target on the moving stage. I saw great improvement, then moved back to the whole exercise again.

I finished up with the last 9 rounds into a B-8 at 25y, after 2 – 5 round groups at 25 without and with my prescription glasses. I actually shot noticeably better WITHOUT the prescription on, I’m assuming because my eyes are capable of focusing on the sight package very well without prescriptions, but I need them to see the target clear. Interesting exercise and it explains some of my distance pistol shooting problems.

The last 9 round B-8 is shown below and shooting it with an extremely hard sight focus through my prescription, which was pretty hard to do.

Practice Log #32

We had a couple new shooters out and we did a 3 hour session working fundamentals. We ran some presentation drills. 1R1’s. Controlled pairs working to 5 round cadence drills. We then set some steel out at 100 and worked kneeling and rice paddy prone. LPVO’s ruled the day at distance on small steel.

We also ran some presentations and draws with pistol.

Practice Log #31

Once again, trying to work on accuracy at distance and speed. I am logging this one from a week or so ago so memory has faded on exact courses of fire.

I ran The Test a couple times, trying to go as fast as possible while still getting a 90 or better.

I ran Broko’s Around the World variation that I like to run on copy paper targets. I shot it 6 or 8 times total.

From here I went straight to B-8’s at 25y and ran those 10 round hits as fast as possible. I ran about 10 rounds total. I actually was shooting these better at speed than slow fire. Go figure.

I also ran 2″ dots @ 15 yards, slow fire, working to eliminate anticipation problems/PIP and keeping them all on the 2″ dot. Tougher than it sounds.