Practice Log #13

Quick range sesh to finish off the official work week

I started shooting Ron Avery’s Dot Target with 3 rounds per dot, working the correct skill per line as he prescribes. I experienced recoil timing issues after the 2nd dot, immediately stopped and settled down and dry fired a few rows of dots. I remembered what Brian Enos talks about in regards to being relaxed. This recoil anticipation/timing issue often rears its head during slow fire accuracy drills for me.

Using the previous target as a diagnostic, I pulled out the Triggerstripe target and shot it at speed @ 5y. (Ignore the rifle holes throughout the target, this backer was used for a pretty intense shooting on the move drill at small targets which have been removed from it, with varied level shooters.)

I then shot 5 round aggregates @ 25y on a B-8, with 10 sec par per string. I’ve been seeing steady improvement with my 25y work over the last couple weeks. I believe I can consistently be at a 90 for a 10 rd string by summer. Continue reading “Practice Log #13”


Junk, Budget Builds and Gear Reviews

Allow me to paint in broad strokes. There is the preparedness culture, the gun culture and the training culture. These groups often experience some overlap. You have Preppers who are into guns, but this is usually secondary to them engaging in general preparedness. You often see these folks stock pile lots of ammo and guns (usually budget builds) and can barely use them. These folks are not usually part of the training culture, but exceptions certainly exist.

The gun culture is what I’d say includes everyone from the Fudd on YouTube down to guys who even go to the range frequently. But they rarely have a training plan. They don’t really attend classes aside from maybe a state sanctioned CCW course. They tend to have a bad case of the Dunning Krugers. These are the retreat snipers. The guys who like to go out on the weekend and shoot tin cans and maybe blow up something with Tannerite.

The training culture stands apart. They may also overlap into the preparedness culture, but these people actually train. They attend classes, they have practice regimes, they dry fire relentlessly. You’ll often see instead of having 13 AR15’s that cost 300$ each, and only 1 will work on a given day, they have one or two good ones set up exactly how experience shows them is best that have thousands and thousands of rounds through them and they run. Continue reading “Junk, Budget Builds and Gear Reviews”

Practice Log #12

This is a rough outline of our local carbine focused range day from a week or two ago

1. Soul Crusher ran cold. Ran as a diagnostic for the day. Shooters assessed performance and figured out what they needed to focus on.

2. Ready, Ups/presentation work. 5+1 method used to work presentations from low ready. .7 was the time standard to strive for.

3. 1 R 1’s. On shooters own time ran 1 R 1’s. Then introduced rabbit/coyote contests and competed against their buddies

4. Modified 3 little kittens. Set up 2 groups with a couple rifles and shooters rotated through. Continue reading “Practice Log #12”

Practice Log # 11

After a long carbine focused range day that I spent a large part of the time watching the line on, I got a free moment to hit a few pistol exercises.

I worked this Solo Defense 5 second standards target from about the 9/10 yard line. It is really hanging it out there for more at this distance and time. (Yes there is an extra shot on the top target)

I finished the rest of this brief session with draws to A zone steel @ 12y from an open rig.

Carbine range day outline will be posted in next practice log.

Practice Log Updates

I attended Talon Defense’s Injured Shooter class which was pretty eye opening on a few levels. Carbine and pistol were covered, and essentially one arm or hand was all we had to run each weapon. Support hand pistol work is something I really will need work. Full AAR soon.

We also ran a carbine range day with some local friends and acquaintance and had quite a bit of fun. Drill/exercise sheet will get posted soon.

Practice Log #9+10

Only had a few minutes, and I had a mag and a half or so loaded from last weekend, so I grabbed a target and did a quick session working 25y work with pistol. I’ve seen dramatic improvement in a persistent recoil anticipation/timing issue in the last several weeks. I started dry firing small 1″ dot targets and the results have been very good.

All rounds were fired slow fire, while remaining on target, not taking a break. The upper miss was a shot I called, and complete sight misalignment. The pulled low left was recoil anticipation.

The next session as several days later in preparation for Talon Defense’s Injured Shooter course this weekend. I wanted to confirm zero on a rifle without a can. Zero set in 3 rounds. Continue reading “Practice Log #9+10”