Practice Log #21

After being snowed in for several days, I couldn’t take it. With help from 4×4 lo, I threw some stands in the truck and hit range on the back 40.

I wanted to further diagnose and confirm the Point of Aim/Point of impact difference with a G19 with a set of Y notch sights. They are indeed hitting 1″ low atleast to 7 yards. I shot groups from 3-7, then shot the same groups again with another G19. The Y notch gun is 1″ low on every group. The other G19 is dead nuts.

This is annoying because I do like the sites, but its one of these issues that will eat at me. I’ll be switching to Sevigny Carry sights which are a favorite of mine or Dawson’s.

I then shot modified dot torture from 4yd. The main focus was on single hand only shooting.

Since the range was covered in snow and ice and is slightly on a slant, I didn’t want to move to much. So I shot “The Test” 3 separate times. Results below, scored B-8’s. Score on left, time on right.

I then put up a fresh B-8 and worked mechanics. Rifle transitions to pistol. I tried to set the pistol mags up as 1R1’s. All work was from the 15yd line.

Moved to steel. 6″ circle plate, 15 and 25 yards. This was single hand only and weak hand only shooting. Weak hand shooting is a true weak point of mine, and I need to hit it more. I set up a bunch of unknown condition type stuff to work malfunctions and reloads.

I then finished with 5 shot strings on the steel at 25y with fairly decent hit rates.

This will probably be the last live fire practice session of 2018.


Author: Prisoner74

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