Proctor Pistol Process Asheville NC 24/25AUG2019

Proctor Pistol Process “The Fundamentals of Fast”

The Proctor Shooting Process is an in-depth and cerebral approach covering how to shoot Fast-Accurate-Easy.

The process teaches an understanding of and how to master these 5 components






My facility has 6 pistol bays including a shoot house. The pistol bays all have steel targets set up in them (over 100) During the course we will utilize all of the bays, allowing shooters to get in a lot of quality reps without standing in line waiting to shoot.

NOTE: Targets and ranges may vary when I travel to other ranges for this course.  I do always strive to keep shooters engaged and getting the best investment for their time rather than waiting in line.

Equipment list

Bring what YOU need to shoot and take care of your body during an active and fast paced day on a range outdoors.

Pistol- G19 sized or full-sized pistol

Kydex or Injection molded Holster, OWB preferred, IWB is also acceptable- NO LEATHER OR NYLON HOLSTERS

5 pistol mags and 4 pistol mag pouches recommended. Minimum 3 mags and 2 mag pouches

1500 rounds of pistol ammo minimum.

After registration students will receive an email with further information including schedule, range location area information etc.


Author: Prisoner74

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