Practice Log #20

I attended Pistol 1 at BRM for a brush up on the fundamentals. A few family members were taking it, so I hopped in as well.

It was a good class despite the rain and cold.  I went home the next day and worked some deficiencies I had in the class.

I ran some walk backs and shot some groups from 3-15 yards.

My draw times were consistently .2-.3 slower than normal at the class, which I’m going to chaulk up to the cold and rain and bulky outer layers I had to fight through and work the retention device on the holster I was running. Nonetheless, I did some draws into an index card from 5 and 7. I then worked 1R1’s at same range and targets.

I also found out that my Y-Notch sights are shooting approximately 1″ low at 7 yards and in. I found similar stories on Pistol Forum. Will have to diagnose more of this later.

I then finished with some work from the compressed ready into an index card @ 15y. It got dark by the time I got my gear policed up, so no photos.





Author: Prisoner74

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