Practice Log #17

Authors note: I’m currently reading Mosby’s newest book, Guerrilla Gunfighter.  A full review will be coming in the future. As of the first couple chapters, I feel somewhat safe in saying this is probably his best work to date. I highly recommend buying it . Perhaps it was from reading the book that I finally forced myself to make time in between the 37,000 irons I have in the fire to get a quick range session in. 

Back in the saddle for the first time in about a month.

I started out cold, and it was horrible. I ran a Spencer Keepers drill/test. It is 3 rounds to an index card, horizontal, from concealment @ 7 yards. I missed the first shot due to both a bad sight picture and loose grip on the first 2 runs. I taped up the target, dry fired it several times. I then knew what I needed to fix. I ran it again, 3 times and shot it clean. I believe his time standard is 3 seconds, but don’t quote me on that.

The picture is the last run and the fastest.

Since I knew I needed to work draws, I went immediately into those next. I concentrated on getting both at getting a good sight picture and gripping the ever loving shit out of the gun. Dramatic improvement. All work was done at 7 and 10 yards to a vertical 3×5 card. I had this target set up from a previous group range day run of Soul Crusher, so kept the cards vertical.

A random rep from concealment shown here:

I wanted to check on and work on my pre-ignition timing issue. I ran a micro drill I picked up from Ernest Langdon, but I know its popular in competition circles to teach people to pull the trigger fast without moving the gun. You start with the gun on target, trigger prepped. I did this at 10 into an index card. Set your timer to random and press the button. On the beep immediately press the trigger, and press it like you mean it. You are working on moving the trigger at speed and most likely how you’d press it under startle response without moving the gun off target.

The first 3 rounds were touching. The last one, I noticeably felt the gun pull low.

I moved onto working some mechanics since the sun was getting low. I worked 1R1’s and actually timed some of them. The reload splits were consistently around 1.9-2.1 seconds onto a  3×5″ at 7. I did get some misses however, as I was concentrating on working the reload fast. I then dialed it back in and worked on concentrating to guarantee the second hit. Times didn’t change much.

I finished a 25 yard B-8 hit. 10 round in 10 seconds from the draw. 89, but I’ll take it since this type of work is my main weak point.


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