Practice Log #13

Quick range sesh to finish off the official work week

I started shooting Ron Avery’s Dot Target with 3 rounds per dot, working the correct skill per line as he prescribes. I experienced recoil timing issues after the 2nd dot, immediately stopped and settled down and dry fired a few rows of dots. I remembered what Brian Enos talks about in regards to being relaxed. This recoil anticipation/timing issue often rears its head during slow fire accuracy drills for me.

Using the previous target as a diagnostic, I pulled out the Triggerstripe target and shot it at speed @ 5y. (Ignore the rifle holes throughout the target, this backer was used for a pretty intense shooting on the move drill at small targets which have been removed from it, with varied level shooters.)

I then shot 5 round aggregates @ 25y on a B-8, with 10 sec par per string. I’ve been seeing steady improvement with my 25y work over the last couple weeks. I believe I can consistently be at a 90 for a 10 rd string by summer.

From here I got out the carbine and worked VTAC 1-5’s 3x. Cold run was clean but the timer didn’t pick up my shots because I didn’t have the sensitivity adjusted for the can on it. Second run was 3.94. I felt like I had some left in the tank.

photo 3.JPG

From here I worked Blake Drills (2-2-2) and Bill drills, trying for the same cadence on each. I timed about 3 of each, Best time was 1.31 on Bill drill, 1.44 on Blake. Other two times were in the upper 1.5’s.

Finished with some shooting on the move work, moving from the 20y to the 10y and then running the Blake on the move.



Author: Prisoner74

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