Practice Log #12

This is a rough outline of our local carbine focused range day from a week or two ago

1. Soul Crusher ran cold. Ran as a diagnostic for the day. Shooters assessed performance and figured out what they needed to focus on.

2. Ready, Ups/presentation work. 5+1 method used to work presentations from low ready. .7 was the time standard to strive for.

3. 1 R 1’s. On shooters own time ran 1 R 1’s. Then introduced rabbit/coyote contests and competed against their buddies

4. Modified 3 little kittens. Set up 2 groups with a couple rifles and shooters rotated through.

5. Pannone Position Drill – standing, kneeling, prone, kneeling, standing. 1 round per position.

6. Multiple round and multiple target engagement work. Worked Bill and Blake drills. Finished with 3 second drill “Hit one get one.” Ran as a tag out contest. Par set for 3 seconds. Target was 8″ circle. On beep, 1 round to circle. Everyone who made the time and got a hit, stays in. 2 rounds, everyone who made time and got a hit, stays in. This continued until 1 man standing with 8 rounds in the circle in 3 seconds.

We then set up Proctors Eye of the Tiger.

7. We set up several exercises to work around cover and simulated no shoots/people. Included Frank Proctors Quadzilla.

8. We ran GA’s 45 second beep test with carbines, then a modified Zig Zag moving course.

9. A variation of Vision Quest that included the PRA concept, multiple target transitions and inducing malfunctions. I’m holding this one close to my chest, so don’t ask for me to elaborate

10. Performance grouping finisher. C zone steel @ 50y. Shooters divided up into 2 groups. On beep a shooter from each team will engage the steel for 5 hits, then rotate to back of line when the next shooter starts. The fastest team 2 out of 3 wins.


Author: Prisoner74

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