Practice Log #4

I attended a 1 Day Home Defense/CQB class the day before this practice session, but I wanted to work on a drill I had seen Dan Brokos run on social media called Around the World.

It is run on a Type E Dot Overlay target, which I didn’t have on hand. Luckily I have a buddy that is a pro at graphics and he made a pdf for the same target on 8×11″ copy paper that I can print out. 2 of these targets stacked accomplish the same thing.

From the 4 yard line, you run 2 rounds per dot, and there is a reload in there at some point. Par times are 13 sec or under, you are taking the Lear Jet home. 13.1-20, C-130, above 20, Hot air balloon. 1 second added per miss.

Above is an average run from the day. Not the best, not the worst, with 1 miss. As you can see, if you try to go Ricky Bobby like I was initially trying to do, you will get misses. All misses were from a target focus and losing the gun / sights. This is a great drill to work both seeing and trigger work. Its also great to work cadence.

I plan on running different variations of this with 6 dots with times adjusted and varying the distances and par times.



Author: Prisoner74

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