Practice Log # 3

A buddy stopped by and after talking over some stuff, we decided to just hit the range behind the house instead of standing around talking about shooting.

Started off running the 5 round version Pannone/VTAC Half and Half a few times. Student standards were met on all runs, Instructor standard hit on a few.

Next Frank Proctors Focus Monster was ran with carbines mostly, and pistol on a few runs.

We got the timer out and worked on some Bill Drill and 2-2-2’s  and working on those ratios and standards, shooting to have the 2-2-2, be the same time as the Bill Drill

Hit some 1R1’s to get a few reps since my buddy hadn’t run a carbine much for the past few months.

Next we ran Frank Proctors Soul Crusher a couple times. I love this drill as it allows you to get so much work in on fundamentals under time pressure as well as working efficient movement into and out of position. If I recall right my best time was 23.4 seconds, but dropped 2 shots.

We next did some standing to kneeling work on 100 yard steel. My buddy found out his rifle zero was off and spent the rest of the session putting up a target @ 50y and confirming the zero.




Author: Prisoner74

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