Practice Log #2

Latest session was again pistol centric.

Again I ran the Guerilla Approach Consistency Drill. I did not run it under time, but rather shot it slow, concentrating on solid hits on the small dots.

Then I ran a walk back from 3 to 7 yards. Shooting 5 round groups at those distances.

Followed this up with Bill Drills to the head box for several rounds. Focus was on cadence/rhythm and accuracy.

I then put up another Consistency Target and ran all the small dots, slow fire @ 5 yards.

The day finished out with concealment draws to A zone steel @ 10 yards. A few misses revealed I needed to reel back the time slightly to guarantee a hit. All misses were from not seeing the gun and enough of the sights to make the hit happen.


Author: Prisoner74

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