Practice log #1

In the spirit of Greg Ellifritz over at Active Response Training, I’m gonna try to document  range sessions.

Goal for today was confirm zero on new scope on a carbine. I zero’ed it in the rain originally. I wanted to confirm zero @ 50. Then determine POI shift suppressed vs. unsupressed. I also wanted to work concealed draws from appendix.

I ran the Guerrilla Approach consistency target first, which I missed par by a few seconds.

I then did 10 concealed draws, appendix with my carry G17 to 6.5″ish steel. 3 misses. All times were between 1.32 and 1.39. I’ll take it for now.

With an overall goal of trying to improve accuracy first and foremost with the handgun, I shot 2, 5 round groups, all touching @ 3 yards. I’ll move to 5 next session.

Carbine zero was confirmed with a 5 round group @ 50. Suppressor shift noted.

1R1’s were then ran with carbine for a total of 20 rounds onto an A zone at 10 yards. All hits. Best time 2.38. Averaged around 2.8 consistently

Finished up with 30 yard work the 6.5″ish steel with G17.


Author: Prisoner74

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