On Hucksters

What is it about charlatans, hucksters and frauds in fringe movements?

The Liberty, Survival and Homesteading movements are full of them. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some claim to be off grid ninja’s living the dream on a shoestring budget when the reality comes out that they have fall back locations with large houses, satellite TV, pensions, and new vehicles. Others move to the country to remove themselves from “worldly things” and to get closer to God. They reject the creations of Man. They give up everything, large incomes, cushy homes and the American dream to move to the sticks to cobble together a life.

Then they hit the big time on social media. Everything they preached that brings them a following is reversed. They used to talk about shopping at Goodwill, re-purposing old materials because the cash flow wasn’t there to buy new, reconnecting with the Wild, being more self-sufficient and sustainable in food production, doing anything with nothing. They now drive BMW’s, have 100,000$+ in new equipment, remodeled houses, a new Patagucci jacket every day, and every throw away luxury of 21st century Americans.

Meet the hucksters and charlatans of  fringe movements. These are the libertarian, homesteading and alternative versions of the liberals who preach environmentalism and putting an end to Global Warming through govt fiat, yet fly around in private jets and have 22,000$ water bills. They preach of self sacrifice, denounce material wealth, being debt-free, and build up huge bases of support under such mastheads. Then they finance  70K truck’s. They talk of getting rid of useless, junk and clutter in the house and promote a quasi-minimalist lifestyle and living the spartan ideal, yet continue to constantly stack up more junk and consumer goods. They preach that they live naturally and are steroid free lifters, yet they gain 40 lbs of body weight in 3 months and maintain a 6% body fat and just talk about ‘hard work.’

I am not the guy to denounce capitalism, material wealth or any such things. I am the guy who wishes that if someone wants to be rich, be rich. I do not want to tear down someone’s status and make everyone serf’s. If people want to rise, I want to see them rise. But do not falsely market and brand yourself as a common man, doing common man things, with very little, and rejecting the stereotypical American Dream, appealing to the masses on grounds of the pioneer spirit and then become the American Dream you rejected in the first place. But maybe just from a more rural location.




Author: Prisoner74


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