Political Theater Laugh Fest

The Patriot Movement stands by their man in the Offal Office. Any surprise? They remain authoritarian collectivists of the worst sort masquerading as saviors of Liberty.

The Trumpansies remain silent while he calls for budgets that dwarf the Socialist Obama by 300%. He has given the country menial tax ‘cuts’ without corresponding spending cuts. He has proposed doubling the gas tax. In 2013 the patriots shouted “Taxation is Theft!” Now they defend tariffs on steel and aluminum and demand more tariffs on all imports.


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Practice Log #5

Back on the range. I wanted to make sure the new trigger spring on the G17 was working properly as well as work cadence and accuracy.

I started with the 1″ Dot Torture variation. Went well with 1 miss @ 4 yards. Target focus and lost the gun.

Next I ran several strings of Frank Proctors “Performance Grouping” exercises. 5 rds, 15y, 3.5 second and 5 rds, 25y, 5 seconds onto an A-zone / copy paper size target. My first 2 runs I was not seeing enough of the sights at all, again, target focus. After correcting this, I had all hits and mostly met the par’s on each run.

Followed everything up with a modification of Dan Broko’s Around the World. I ran it on 6 3″ dots, instead of 12. I cut the times in half, kept the mandatory reload, but started from the draw instead of the compressed / high ready. The one miss on the target was from the first run. We’ll call this “Half Way Around the World”

Practice Log #4

I attended a 1 Day Home Defense/CQB class the day before this practice session, but I wanted to work on a drill I had seen Dan Brokos run on social media called Around the World.

It is run on a Type E Dot Overlay target, which I didn’t have on hand. Luckily I have a buddy that is a pro at graphics and he made a pdf for the same target on 8×11″ copy paper that I can print out. 2 of these targets stacked accomplish the same thing.

From the 4 yard line, you run 2 rounds per dot, and there is a reload in there at some point. Par times are 13 sec or under, you are taking the Lear Jet home. 13.1-20, C-130, above 20, Hot air balloon. 1 second added per miss.

Above is an average run from the day. Not the best, not the worst, with 1 miss. As you can see, if you try to go Ricky Bobby like I was initially trying to do, you will get misses. All misses were from a target focus and losing the gun / sights. This is a great drill to work both seeing and trigger work. Its also great to work cadence.

I plan on running different variations of this with 6 dots with times adjusted and varying the distances and par times.


Chainsaws for the Homestead

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 Village Praxis: Chainsaws for the Homestead

In continuing with Buppert’s series on tools and with the Lumber-Sexual craze still in full swing, I offer this essay about chainsaws. I’m not a professional timber faller, but I’ve cut firewood my whole life and been an amateur logger and arborist for just as long. So others mileage may vary, this is just one mans advice from his own experience and from interactions with true professionals.

It’s been said that a man never loans out 2 things, his wife or his chainsaw. The chainsaw(s) is a vital component of any homestead big or small, suburban or rural. It can be used to cut firewood to heat your house self sufficiently, clear brush, clear a tree of a road, house, outbuilding or fence. It can be used quite extensively on rough timber frame construction, barn building and clearing pasture or a building lot or fence or road right of way. Every homestead should have at least one capable of these tasks and at least one back up.

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Practice Log # 3

A buddy stopped by and after talking over some stuff, we decided to just hit the range behind the house instead of standing around talking about shooting.

Started off running the 5 round version Pannone/VTAC Half and Half a few times. Student standards were met on all runs, Instructor standard hit on a few.

Next Frank Proctors Focus Monster was ran with carbines mostly, and pistol on a few runs.

We got the timer out and worked on some Bill Drill and 2-2-2’s  and working on those ratios and standards, shooting to have the 2-2-2, be the same time as the Bill Drill

Hit some 1R1’s to get a few reps since my buddy hadn’t run a carbine much for the past few months.

Next we ran Frank Proctors Soul Crusher a couple times. I love this drill as it allows you to get so much work in on fundamentals under time pressure as well as working efficient movement into and out of position. If I recall right my best time was 23.4 seconds, but dropped 2 shots.

We next did some standing to kneeling work on 100 yard steel. My buddy found out his rifle zero was off and spent the rest of the session putting up a target @ 50y and confirming the zero.



Practice Log #2

Latest session was again pistol centric.

Again I ran the Guerilla Approach Consistency Drill. I did not run it under time, but rather shot it slow, concentrating on solid hits on the small dots.

Then I ran a walk back from 3 to 7 yards. Shooting 5 round groups at those distances.

Followed this up with Bill Drills to the head box for several rounds. Focus was on cadence/rhythm and accuracy.

I then put up another Consistency Target and ran all the small dots, slow fire @ 5 yards.

The day finished out with concealment draws to A zone steel @ 10 yards. A few misses revealed I needed to reel back the time slightly to guarantee a hit. All misses were from not seeing the gun and enough of the sights to make the hit happen.