Practice Log #16

Some of the local boys got together the other and we did a half day range session

We got online and shot a handful of standards real quick, as a group, not individually for times sake. We then used these as a diagnostic and worked on the issues we had, if any. Some guys were pulling the gun low left, so they worked the TPC 50/50 drill while I was setting up some steel.

Since there was a few of us, we decided to work mostly steel to save on taping targets.

We set up Frank Proctors Quadzilla and another lane working reloads while moving and muzzle aversion techniques around a barrier.

When we had enough of this we set up a few exercises with 4 barriers to work around and the gun around with no shoots in between. This was to help process that you can muzzle a barricade but you cant muzzle a person you might have to work around.

When set up Frank Proctors Scooter exercise which was only my second time running it. For being 2 rounds, you can get in quite a bit of work. We all ran it quite a number of times trying to do everything right. Of course once the recording devices and timers came out most of us fell to hell.

We then shot some straight shooting on the move walk ups to assure we can get hits before moving on to a mini steel ‘stage’ array that incorporates movement, transitioning from big to small targets, and working around barriers and obstacles.



3-D Printing the Coming Insurrection

Defense Distributed reached a settlement with FEDGOV. The victory was hailed, but I remained skeptical. Soon the feds shut it down again.

I knew they would not allow this to happen with the media hysteria.

However, the sheer brilliance in the approach of Cody Wilson is that even when he loses in the political coliseum, he still wins. The files are already out. You cannot put that toothpaste back in the tube. The Streisand Effect takes hold and the more the State threatens to end freedom, the more people want the controversial item.

Gun control is ultimately dead in the long run.

“What’s going to make me comfortable… is when people stop coming into this office and acting like there’s a debate about it. The debate is over. The guns are downloadable. The files are in the public domain. You cannot take them back. You can adjust your politics to this reality. You will not ask me to adjust mine.” – Cody Wilson

Mic drop.


Practice Log #15

Pistol Focus on today’s range shenanigans. Working on ironing out recoil anticipation/pre-ignition push in particular.

Started out with 50 rounds of the TPC / Ron Avery 50/50 drill on the Triggerstripe target. Distance was 6 yards and done from the ready position or “Go Gun” as Frank Proctor calls it. You load the gun, then remove the magazine. You fire 1 live round, then immediately, for the follow up shot, press the trigger which will be dry fire. It is great for working on recoil timing issues.

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Independence Day

As Jerry Clower would say, “…on this momentum occasion,” we find ourselves celebrating the day of Treason that became the founding crime of these united States. Yet, the irony is lost on the usual suspects on the Left and Right. The hypocrisy flows from both factions, yet the consistent disciple of freedom remains defiant in the partisan bickering.

Remember the insurrectionists on this occasion. Quill, The Major, Popcorn, and the Whiskey Rebels.

Class / Practice Updates

I hosted and attended Sage Dynamics 2 day Defensive Handgun course since the last update. I must admit I was surprised in how efficient the class was run and feel that Aaron is one of the most articulate instructors on the scene these days.

I earned a red Sage patch after passing the Standards/Qual for the class.

I will be taking more classes from Sage Dynamics and probably look to host Aaron again.