Practice Log #19

Group Range Day.

A real good day of shooting and hanging with the boys.

Focus of the day was movement. We also did some injured / incap shooter work.

The day started with Gila Hayes’ 5×5, to an index card @ 5 yards.

We then moved to some work on draws and mechanics, some basic up drills with different courses of fire.

We then set up some exercises to work movement. We ran 2 different exercises at a time, with everyone rotating through as many times as they want to.

We ran a movement exercise that involves a slide lock or reduced capacity reload on the move. Simultaneously we worked a lateral exercise that stresses being fast into and out of position and working multiple targets. Both of these exercises were focused on “shoot, move, shoot some more”  not shooting on the move.

Next we worked on shooting on the move. We started with a concept Frank Proctor talks about in his classes. Being able to move 4 yards, in 3 seconds and get 5 hits.

We explored which was faster, posting up and shooting, or shooting on the move to a 8×11” size steel from 13yd to 9yd.

The Guerrilla Approach Beep Test was ran next. Of note, one shooter got in 8 hits in 45 sec.

Next we worked injured shooter stuff. Some basic line drills were ran getting in some reps with support and strong hand with both pistol and carbine. Malfunctions and reloads were worked as well.

We then moved into a couple drills tying everything together. Mike Pannone’s Face in the Crowd was ran with carbines and we then moved into a PRA drill that I’m assuming was used by SF or CAG, although I made up my version on the spot. I wanted to run Mosby’s PRA1-5 but we really didn’t have everything needed to do it. We didn’t have any fresh USPSA targets but we had a bunch targets numbered 1-4 from some stuff we did earlier. I also had a stack of B-8’s.

We shot it from the 25. Shooters were shown a card with 3 numbers. Shooters must engage the target corresponding to the numbers, in numerical order, with 2 rounds. If there were multiple targets with the same number, they all had to be engaged before going to the next number.

We were aiming for all hits in black. Any misses were a no go on the drill. Several folks had clean runs. I was informed after the fact that similar versions of the drill are used by Pat Mac and Northern Red.

Landowner then called it quits but not before we had a 50 yard pistol challenge. Most hits onto 6 steel targets in 6 shots won.




Practice Log #18

I started the day out with dry fire work onto a horizontal index card at 10 yards.

I then ran Pistol Forum’s 3-2-1 drill 6 or 8 times. Its a good shifting gears drill to work transitions from bigger to smaller targets and to work on the gas pedal.

From here I went from directly back to working draws to first shot onto an index card at various ranges.

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Practice Log #17

Authors note: I’m currently reading Mosby’s newest book, Guerrilla Gunfighter.  A full review will be coming in the future. As of the first couple chapters, I feel somewhat safe in saying this is probably his best work to date. I highly recommend buying it . Perhaps it was from reading the book that I finally forced myself to make time in between the 37,000 irons I have in the fire to get a quick range session in. 

Back in the saddle for the first time in about a month.

I started out cold, and it was horrible. I ran a Spencer Keepers drill/test. It is 3 rounds to an index card, horizontal, from concealment @ 7 yards. I missed the first shot due to both a bad sight picture and loose grip on the first 2 runs. I taped up the target, dry fired it several times. I then knew what I needed to fix. I ran it again, 3 times and shot it clean. I believe his time standard is 3 seconds, but don’t quote me on that.

The picture is the last run and the fastest.

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Resistance is Dead

As if we need further proof that Le Resistance has officially turned Vichy, look no further than the partisan bickering and idiocy surrounding the Kavanaugh drama.

Republicans think that nominating yet one more black robed, statist, diety will free ‘Murka from oppression of the Leftists. Yet there is no historical precedent this has ever happened. Judge Napolitano has detailed that the Supremes have rarely, except in a few isolated cases, ruled against the state and in favor of the individual for nearly all of the 20th century. Roberts, the Bush appointee everyone rallied around, gave us Obamacare.

Mr Buchanan, despite being a crotchety old protectionist, aptly has pointed out for decades that the problem with Conservatism is all they do is preserve that last liberal victory. Ditch it forever.

Who cares about Kavanaugh’s personal actions when he was the scrivener of the Patriot Act. He is horrible on the 4th amendment. What’s worse is that because the Orange Emperor is seen as some sort of Messiah by the Patriot Right, they’ll support whatever he does.

So much for draining that swamp, eh? Appointing a judge who was involved in the Cover up of Vince Foster’s death. Chaulk up another win for the “Deep State.”

While everyone is diverted to meaningless nonsense that they have no control over, I’ve been upping dry fire work. Particularly concealed work and target transitions and movement.

Q4 of 2018’s training calendar is winding down yet we still have 3 classes to attend and  atleast one large group range day to get reps in.

Kill your TV. Do work.

Practice Log #16

Some of the local boys got together the other day and we did a half day range session

We got online and shot a handful of standards real quick, as a group, not individually for times sake. We then used these as a diagnostic and worked on the issues we had, if any. Some guys were pulling the gun low left, so they worked the TPC 50/50 drill while I was setting up some steel.

Since there was a few of us, we decided to work mostly steel to save on taping targets.

We set up Frank Proctors Quadzilla and another lane working reloads while moving and muzzle aversion techniques around a barrier.

When we had enough of this we set up a few exercises with 4 barriers to work around and the gun around with no shoots in between. This was to help process that you can muzzle a barricade but you cant muzzle a person you might have to work around.

When set up Frank Proctors Scooter exercise which was only my second time running it. For being 2 rounds, you can get in quite a bit of work. We all ran it quite a number of times trying to do everything right. Of course once the recording devices and timers came out most of us fell to hell.

We then shot some straight shooting on the move walk ups to assure we can get hits before moving on to a mini steel ‘stage’ array that incorporates movement, transitioning from big to small targets, and working around barriers and obstacles.