Practice Log #15

Pistol Focus on today’s range shenanigans. Working on ironing out recoil anticipation/pre-ignition push in particular.

Started out with 50 rounds of the TPC / Ron Avery 50/50 drill on the Triggerstripe target. Distance was 6 yards and done from the ready position or “Go Gun” as Frank Proctor calls it. You load the gun, then remove the magazine. You fire 1 live round, then immediately, for the follow up shot, press the trigger which will be dry fire. It is great for working on recoil timing issues.

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Independence Day

As Jerry Clower would say, “…on this momentum occasion,” we find ourselves celebrating the day of Treason that became the founding crime of these united States. Yet, the irony is lost on the usual suspects on the Left and Right. The hypocrisy flows from both factions, yet the consistent disciple of freedom remains defiant in the partisan bickering.

Remember the insurrectionists on this occasion. Quill, The Major, Popcorn, and the Whiskey Rebels.

Class / Practice Updates

I hosted and attended Sage Dynamics 2 day Defensive Handgun course since the last update. I must admit I was surprised in how efficient the class was run and feel that Aaron is one of the most articulate instructors on the scene these days.

I earned a red Sage patch after passing the Standards/Qual for the class.

I will be taking more classes from Sage Dynamics and probably look to host Aaron again.

Practice Log #14 and an Update

I had the chance to hop into a last minute Close Quarters Pistol and Hemostatic Control / Trauma course the other day and took it. No practice sessions have been conducted since the last update and this class.

The pistol portion of the class focused on close and retention shooting techniques, draws and working from seated positions, culminating in working from a vehicle.

AAR will be forth coming at some point, once I finish the previous AAR’s from other recent classes. After the Sage Dynamics pistol class coming this weekend, I’ll have a breather on the shooting side to get some of the AAR’s written.

I hit the range this evening and got a few quick drills in.

Started with a B-8 hit from 25y, concealed, AIWB, and got a 90 in 18.1, cold. I’ll take that any day. If you look at the target you can see my anticipation issue was slowing creeping back in during the string. The first 2 hits were definitely the ones in the 10 ring if I know anything at all about calling my shots.

I followed up with a 1″ dot on the Snipers Hide dot precision rifle target using Ron Avery’s dot drill methodology for 3 rounds per dot on each line focusing on the prescribed shooting fundamental.

I then hit concealed and open draws for approximately 15 reps onto A zone steel @ 10-12y. A concealed rep is shown below.

I went back and worked the dots dry fire for a few minutes and then fired a final 5 round group.

On Quality: Junk and Budget Builds Part 2

My previous posting Junk, Budget Builds and Gear Reviews touched on, in a very quick manner, (the posting was a 10 minute job) the importance of quality. As I predicted it caused several factions to go collectively into a conniption fit. Generally if any sort of brand name is mentioned, people take it personally because they chose X brand and any talk of advantages/disadvantages is taken as a personal insult. They are married to their choices, for better or worse.

I attended a 3 day rifle class recently. The class wasn’t what I’d consider to be hard on gearĀ  in any manner. There wasn’t a lot of movement and banging guns around cover or jamming them in to barricades or cover. There was little adverse weather and the temps were in the 60’s and 70’s. The guns never really got hot from repeated rapid strings of fire. Yet, equipment still failed. In fact some of the same items and types of things championed as ‘duty grade’ previously by the commentariat.

I saw 3 rifles break to where they had to switch to another rifle to finish the class. I’ll refrain from mentioning brands so as not to feel the wrath from the “Budget Builders,” but 2 of those brands were mentioned in the original blog posting linked above. One rifle had been back to the original ‘builder’ once before on a re-check, and it was actually broke out of the box when the owner originally took possession of the rifle. I saw another well known light brand fall off a rifle repeatedly. I’ll say this much; it wasn’t Surefire or Streamlight. I saw a lower tier Red Dot experience flicker issues with less than 500 rounds through it. This was just the things I personally saw. Continue reading “On Quality: Junk and Budget Builds Part 2”

Practice Log #13

Quick range sesh to finish off the official work week

I started shooting Ron Avery’s Dot Target with 3 rounds per dot, working the correct skill per line as he prescribes. I experienced recoil timing issues after the 2nd dot, immediately stopped and settled down and dry fired a few rows of dots. I remembered what Brian Enos talks about in regards to being relaxed. This recoil anticipation/timing issue often rears its head during slow fire accuracy drills for me.

Using the previous target as a diagnostic, I pulled out the Triggerstripe target and shot it at speed @ 5y. (Ignore the rifle holes throughout the target, this backer was used for a pretty intense shooting on the move drill at small targets which have been removed from it, with varied level shooters.)

I then shot 5 round aggregates @ 25y on a B-8, with 10 sec par per string. I’ve been seeing steady improvement with my 25y work over the last couple weeks. I believe I can consistently be at a 90 for a 10 rd string by summer. Continue reading “Practice Log #13”