Left and Right

State Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is just a younger left-wing version of Donald Trump.

Fight me.


Slaughter of the Nationalist Sacred Cow

With the rise of Trump we saw resurgence of the hard Right movements of old ranging from the Pat Buchanan style Populist Conservative to flat out Neo Nazi’s. The idea of nationalism has been met with mainstream approval in Trump’s America and amongst his base in particular.

France’s Macron made a rebuke of Trump on Armistice Day denouncing nationalism here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/to-mark-end-of-world-war-i-frances-macron-denounces-nationalism-as-a-betrayal-of-patriotism/2018/11/11/aab65aa4-e1ec-11e8-ba30-a7ded04d8fac_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.08583ef4fb41

He said…”because patriotism is exactly the opposite of nationalism.”

The Right collectively had an apoplectic fit.

I care not to delve into the context of the statements of the French figurehead. I can say with confidence that I dislike him, because, he is a President after all. But does the man have a point in that limited statement above? Continue reading “Slaughter of the Nationalist Sacred Cow”

Practice Log #20

I attended Pistol 1 at BRM for a brush up on the fundamentals. A few family members were taking it, so I hopped in as well.

It was a good class despite the rain and cold.  I went home the next day and worked some deficiencies I had in the class.

I ran some walk backs and shot some groups from 3-15 yards.

My draw times were consistently .2-.3 slower than normal at the class, which I’m going to chaulk up to the cold and rain and bulky outer layers I had to fight through and work the retention device on the holster I was running. Nonetheless, I did some draws into an index card from 5 and 7. I then worked 1R1’s at same range and targets.

I also found out that my Y-Notch sights are shooting approximately 1″ low at 7 yards and in. I found similar stories on Pistol Forum. Will have to diagnose more of this later.

I then finished with some work from the compressed ready into an index card @ 15y. It got dark by the time I got my gear policed up, so no photos.




Training Derp

I’ve had an article half finished for quite some time that touches on a lot of these points. But hell, who wants a longer, possibly scholarly article, when it can be distilled down effectively in a shorter more punchier format?

I’m not sure who wrote it, but its share worthy:

From a most honorable Senpai

I’d personally say that the SJW-equivalent in 2A advocacy would be an overweening, all-encompassing inclusiveness of anything and everything involving the ownership and carrying of guns, to include even the most egregious derp;

That any substantive criticism of someone’s choice of gun/gear/caliber/ammo(as opposed to intentionally-facetious troll-play like 9mm vs. 45, 1911 vs. Glock, AR vs. AK, etc.) is tantamount to bullying, and a crypto-infringement on their 2A rights;

That anyone who advocates too strongly for training to a level of knowledge/skill/proficiency higher than the lowest-common-denominator, is a tool of the Government-CCW-Instructor Complex who is un-Constitutionally creating backdoor-restrictions on the polite, armed Utopian society envisioned by the Founding Fathers, where real American men all taught their families how to shoot better than the Redcoats and Redskins, so that they could stand their ground in their castles according to doctrine without having to worry about pesky matters like being judged by twelve;

That any purchase of guns/gear/accessories is a necessary and justifiable expense, but training classes and competition shooting are frivolous luxuries that only rich playboy trust-fund shooters without families to care for can afford;

That physical limitations, medical restrictions, age, and the perceived inability to afford high-end training, place a gun owner into a “protected class” whose choices cannot be questioned with respect to guns, gear, carry mode, or tactics;

That “talisman thinking” and as much plinking as one can afford, is just as good “on the streets/in the real world” as spending thousands of dollars on training and/or competition, which can never be like a real fight;

That the shortcomings of certain individual instructors/organizations/programs can be used as a blanket strawman argument to justify avoiding any and all formal training over and above what one has already experienced from the military or an adult mentor;

That any discussion of self-defense or “gunfighting” can be reduced to one or more of their favorite clichés(happy, Tamara?), such as “Situational Awareness!” “Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight!” “Judged By 12, Not Carried By 6!” etc.;

That gut feelings, hearsay, secondhand anecdotal evidence and personal preference are equal or superior to scientific testing and informed opinions and evaluation when it comes to anything having to do with guns/gear/ammunition;

That those who have spent significantly more money on high-dollar, high-round-count training and/or competition than on purchases of guns and accessories are a privileged elite, who are oppressing the downtrodden gun-owning proletariat with little or no formal training or experience with their arrogantly-informed opinions, and who need to check their privilege and allow their preferred flavor of derp to be expressed freely and given equal or greater weight of authority, in order that their favorite biases may be more firmly reinforced;

That anyone speaking from a position of privilege as being a better shooter or more highly-trained/-experienced than they, can and should be silenced, shunned and ignored if the “Church Ladies” can find even the slightest momentary deviation from the canonical commandments and Party line of gun safety, tactics or the Constitution/Federalist Papers – because it’s so much easier to find and point out minor details and insignificant flaws to denounce great shooters and instructors, than it is to actually train, practice and work hard enough to reach a comparable level of skill and expertise…”

Practice Log #19

Group Range Day.

A real good day of shooting and hanging with the boys.

Focus of the day was movement. We also did some injured / incap shooter work.

The day started with Gila Hayes’ 5×5, to an index card @ 5 yards.

We then moved to some work on draws and mechanics, some basic up drills with different courses of fire.

We then set up some exercises to work movement. We ran 2 different exercises at a time, with everyone rotating through as many times as they want to.

We ran a movement exercise that involves a slide lock or reduced capacity reload on the move. Simultaneously we worked a lateral exercise that stresses being fast into and out of position and working multiple targets. Both of these exercises were focused on “shoot, move, shoot some more”  not shooting on the move.

Next we worked on shooting on the move. We started with a concept Frank Proctor talks about in his classes. Being able to move 4 yards, in 3 seconds and get 5 hits.

We explored which was faster, posting up and shooting, or shooting on the move to a 8×11” size steel from 13yd to 9yd.

The Guerrilla Approach Beep Test was ran next. Of note, one shooter got in 8 hits in 45 sec.

Next we worked injured shooter stuff. Some basic line drills were ran getting in some reps with support and strong hand with both pistol and carbine. Malfunctions and reloads were worked as well.

We then moved into a couple drills tying everything together. Mike Pannone’s Face in the Crowd was ran with carbines and we then moved into a PRA drill that I’m assuming was used by SF or CAG, although I made up my version on the spot. I wanted to run Mosby’s PRA1-5 but we really didn’t have everything needed to do it. We didn’t have any fresh USPSA targets but we had a bunch targets numbered 1-4 from some stuff we did earlier. I also had a stack of B-8’s.

We shot it from the 25. Shooters were shown a card with 3 numbers. Shooters must engage the target corresponding to the numbers, in numerical order, with 2 rounds. If there were multiple targets with the same number, they all had to be engaged before going to the next number.

We were aiming for all hits in black. Any misses were a no go on the drill. Several folks had clean runs. I was informed after the fact that similar versions of the drill are used by Pat Mac and Northern Red.

Landowner then called it quits but not before we had a 50 yard pistol challenge. Most hits onto 6 steel targets in 6 shots won.